Dentists Reveal They Don’t Have Mobile-Ready Dental Websites

Dentists Reveal They Don't Have Mobile-Ready Dental WebsitesDentists were evenly split between having a mobile-ready dental website and no dental website at all, according to the most recent survey by The Wealthy Dentist.

30% of the dentist respondents have mobile-ready dental websites in stark contrast to the other 30% of dentists who do not have a dental website at all.

16% had a dental website landing page for mobile users while another 16% thought that their dental website could be mobile-ready, but weren’t sure.

8% confessed that their dental website was not mobile-friendly at all.

The dental survey results appear on the heels of a report by Skava, the leading provider of multi-touch point retail technology, revealing that just 7% of the top 100 U.S. retailers have optimized their websites for tablet or mobile devices.

It would appear that dentists aren’t alone in lagging behind in embracing this latest technology trend.

One dentist wrote, “I think mobile is THE WAVE. Right now, I think mobile is a joke. Too small and difficult to navigate. In time, when they figure out a way to present it properly in a small format, I will go for it.”

But if this dentist paid closer attention to his under 35-year-old patients, he might see that most carry only their smart phone, wallet and keys. This is why traditional ways of dental practice marketing can quickly become ineffective for your  practice success.

Just recently, a company called ZocDoc launched a mobile service that allows patients to use their smart phones to find a hidden supply of doctor’s appointments and last-minute cancellations when they need to see a doctor on short notice.

Are you now beginning to see the future of the mobile-living generation?

ZocDoc CEO Cyrus Massoumi told KLAS TV in Las Vegas, “ZocDoc is the easiest way to find a doctor who accepts your insurance and to book an appointment instantly, either online or over your mobile phone. Health care, when you need it, is probably the most important thing in your life.” ZocDoc users can find a doctor nearby who accepts their insurance, view the doctor’s availability in real time and instantly book an appointment over the Internet. (See: ZocDoc Allows Patients to Find Available Doctors)

Given the explosion in smart phone usage in the U.S. alone, dentists should take notice of this growing digital trend.

What are your thoughts on the boom in mobile devices? Do you think that mobile is a joke, or do you see mobile as being the main source of Internet access for the bulk of future dental patients?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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