6 Internet Dental Marketing Tips on What to Share on Social Media

6 Internet Dental Marketing Tips on What to Share on Social MediaUtilizing various social media sites as part of your Internet dental marketing plan will provide you with the ability to connect with potential dental patients directly.

Your online presence is more than putting up a dental website and having a local Google business listing; it’s about being transparent and connecting with your community on a more personal level.

But this is still difficult for many dentists and small business owners alike.

According to Manta, the provider of information on U.S. and International companies, nearly 50% of small business owners say the most valuable benefit of networking online is gaining and targeting prospective customers. Moreover, 78% of business owners who were surveyed said they gained at least a quarter of their new customers through online or social media channels this year.

However, the recent The Wealthy Dentist survey revealed that the sheer volume of online and social media channels available today can be overwhelming for small business owners to navigate and use successfully. 58% of small businesses said that they struggle to find value in using Facebook to promote their business or don’t have a page at all.

This leaves many dentists and small business owners confused as to what they should be doing with social media.

First, remember that all networking take time to build real connections and networking online is no different. And just because people may not be responding, does not mean that they don’t enjoy what you are offering on your social media channels.

Here are 6 Internet dental marketing tips for what to share on social media —

1. Share how you are different.
You may have the best dental office staff, the most convenient location, or years of experience practicing dentistry — all valuable content to be shared on your social media channels. What problem do you solve better than your competition? Solve that problem through social media.

2. Show support for your community.
Feature events like local football games, soccer games and school fundraisers. Show that you are active in your community.

3. Share your favorite things.
Tell readers about your favorite local restaurant, favorite toothbrush, favorite golf club, or whatever allows the public to get to know you a little better and feel comfortable when visiting your dental practice.

4. Offer specials.
If you’ve decided to offer free teeth cleaning with a check up, be sure to let your online public know too.

5. Promote yourself.
Share your dental education, what you enjoy about dentistry, and what dental specialties you are trained to perform. If you are a bicycle enthusiast, share images of your bike, or photos from your latest ride. Share photos of your family, of your pets, and other hobbies you enjoy. Share where you like to volunteer. People like to do business with someone they trust. Sharing information about yourself is a way to build that trust before that dental patient walks into your waiting room.

6. Connect with other professionals.
Use social media to connect with other professionals in your community and to follow local businesses, business leaders, and local community organizations.

Dentists often need all the help they can get to establish a social media plan and maintain momentum.  Set a schedule for doing something small on social media every day.

Social media can offer significant support  to your Internet dental marketing plan by allowing your dental practice to remain connected to the community while driving more traffic to your dental website.

How have you used social media to support your dental practice?  Do you feel its been a success?

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