The Future of Personal Search in Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing and the Future of Personal Search: Facebook's Graph SearchJust when dentists have figured out how to include Google search as part of their dental marketing plan, along comes Graph Search by Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search will allow Facebook users to perform searches based on people, places and interests.

For example, Facebook users can search for dentists mentioned, visited or discussed on Facebook.

PCWorld is calling Facebook’s new Graph Search “the future of search” believing that personalized search is the future of all Internet search.

Facebook Graph Search developers argue that in knowing which of your friends recommend a certain dentist, restaurant, or product, or if they liked it, will help everyone have a more social experience about about their choices both online and off.

Do people really care what dentist their friends choose and are they looking to share that they want to make a dental appointment?

Graph Search makes a lot of assumptions about how people will interact on the Internet in the future and is looking at those born after 1985 to set the trend.

But before we throw the toothbrush out with the toothpaste here and dismiss Facebook’s Graph Search at first glance, stop for a moment to think about a Facebook user searching the term “dentists my friends like” and suddenly Graph Search takes on new meaning, along with revealing the value of having a dental practice Facebook Page.

Last month Google rolled out it’s own personal search called Google Now for mobile users which many industry insiders believe will be the next hot service to take off, but then does anyone remember Search, Plus Your World that Google rolled out last year?

When you are logged into Google and searching the Internet with Google search have you noticed the little icon in your search results indicating personal results based on the Google Plus profiles of people you know or follow?


Whether you believe in the value of social search or not, some of the biggest players on the Internet are investing heavily in the belief that personal search will be the future of search.

This being said, it’s hard to argue against your dental practice marketing plan including a strong social media strategy that reflects an active presence on your dental practice Facebook Page and your Google Plus dental practice Page.

Creating an active social network around your dental practice pages on Facebook and Google Plus will only benefit your dental practice as social searches continue to gain in popularity.

If you think about it, it is possible that personal search users will be more inclined to call your dental practice for an appointment if they see that many in their online social circle “like” your dental practice.

A trust relationship has already been initiated before this new dental patient walks into your dental practice waiting room.

And that is the idea behind any successful dental marketing plan.

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