Dentists: Negative Online Reviews That Will Make You Smile

Dentists: Negative Online Reviews That Will Make You SmileJoe Plummer might be the unwitting hero to dentists and dental practices everywhere with his viral video series Real Actors Read Yelp.

The videos are the creation of the former TV producer and creator, who claims the idea came to him when he read some Yelp restaurant reviews out loud to his wife while she was driving on their way to dinner.

Plummer told Fast Company, “I am not kidding when I say we had to pull the car over because we were laughing so hard. Something about an angry lobster set us off. For the rest of the trip I continued to find restaurants and read the reviews out loud. By the time we arrived where we were going the idea was born.”

Dentists are no strangers to negative online reviews and what Joe Plummer is producing may put all online reviews in to the right perspective.

Here’s the first 3 videos so far —

1. Real Actors Read Yelp™ #1

Professional actor Chris Kipiniak of Law and Order and The Good Wife fame puts the full weight of his dynamic gifts behind this interpretation of an online restaurant review. (YouTube)


2. Real Actors Read Yelp™ #2

Award-winning audio-book narrator and actress Therese Plummer (Joe’s wife) of The Good Wife and Law and Order SVU lends her expressive talents to this rendition of a Yelp review. (YouTube)


3. Real Actors Read Yelp™ #3

Award-winning actor Brian O’Neill of Damages and The Sopranos uses his talents to reveal the deep pathos in this review of a concert venue in Santa Ana, California posted to Yelp by Garrett M. (YouTube)

Maybe the next time a dental patient online review begins to raise your blood pressure, why not try reading it like you are in a Shakespearean play?

It may put the review in a whole new light.

If you think it’s worth a parody by Joe Plummer . . . he is taking suggestions.

Just email a link to your review at joe(at) and maybe you’ll become the dentist who had a Yelp online review read by Christopher Walken — now that’s a negative online review worth smiling about.

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