Friday Random Video: #2 Viral Video of 2011 is Denver the Guilty Dog

Friday Random Video: # 2 Viral Video of 2011 Denver the Guilty DogLooking back on the top viral videos of 2011 on YouTube, the top pet video was “Denver, the guilty dog.”

“Denver” is a golden lab, who was filmed by his owner after eating all the cat treats.

Mali Vujacnic, the owner of Denver, never expected to get such an enormous viral response to the video when he posted it on YouTube, but with the video surpassing 15 million views, he started selling t-shirts and created a Facebook page for Denver.

Imagine if Denver was the mascot for a dental practice when this video was filmed.  Talk about a dental marketing dream-come-true!  Instead, we are left with enjoying his guilty dog face. SIGH.

Here’s “Denver” in the number 2 YouTube video of 2011 —

What was your favorite video in 2011?

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