8 Great Books on How to Find Passion in Life

Must Read: Great Business Website Content Tips

  When I open a discussion with business owners about what kind of website content they think their potential customers would like to see, they often start with the great things they love about their company, but not why their clients come to them specifically. Try as I may to steer owners away from giving […]

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How to Use Online Reviews as a PR Marketing Tool

Online reviews and social media comments can be a great business marketing tool if handled right. But there are two sides to online reviews and social media comments, both positive and negative, depending on what they write about your business. And quite often the negative side is the only side where business owners focus their […]

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Press Release Sample For Business Marketing

PRESS RELEASE | FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dental consultants have disappointed many dentists, according to a Wealthy Dentist poll. The survey found that the majority of dentists report having had negative experiences with dental consulting. Complaints were wide-ranging: dental management consultants are overpriced, inexperienced, impersonal, or even looking for religious converts. TIBURON, CALIFORNIA: Dec. 01, 0000: […]

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Need A Business Sample for Writing Survey Results?

Survey results article sample:     “Very Satisfied” was how satisfied 53% of the EFT Universe newsletter subscribers feel about the weekly EFT Peak Insights newsletter. The survey was carried out by EFT Universe staff, based on a template provided by Survey Monkey, an online survey development cloud-based company. “Somewhat Satisfied” was the response by […]

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