Root Canal Fees: General Dentist Vs Endodontist

Cosmetic Dentistry: Many Dentists Provide Gummy Smile Reduction

While the type of cosmetic dentistry treatment for a ‘gummy smile’ may vary per dentist, 54% of the dentists surveyed do provide this service for their dental patients. “We discuss lip repositioning which is surgical correction, or Botox,which is a short-term fix. If appropriate, we recommend esthetic crown lengthening or gingivectomy,” said one dentist. In […]

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Root Canal Survey: What Is The Fee for a Standard Root Canal?

Dentists: please participate in our survey on root canal fees. As part of The Wealthy Dentist dialogue on dental practice management and marketing, we offer weekly surveys and invite your participation. In order to understand different perspectives on the dental industry, we have developed surveys to canvas a diverse group of dental practices on their […]

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