Dentist Survey: What Is The Average Cost of Dentures?

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The cost of dentures tends to be a few thousand dollars, which is still a bargain considering how much dental implants cost.

“Whatever you can charge, it’s never enough!” said a Tennessee dentist who is currently charging $3,000 for dentures.

“Most denture cases are fun,” said an Oregon Dentist. “The patients are grateful and not demanding in terms of scheduling, and they don’t complain if they have to wait five minutes. The occasional case from hell just has to be accepted as that – an occasional case from hell.”

The Wealthy Dentist conducted a survey that asked dentists if they offer dentures and what their fees for dentures is.

96% of the dentists surveyed offer dentures, as outlined in the following dental survey video –

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One general dentist reported charging as little as $1,000, while a prosthodontist defended his $10,000 fee for dentures.

Managing expectations of denture patients can be a real challenge, especially if they think they are going to pay a few hundred dollars for high quality false teeth.

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