Credit Card Acceptance Can Be a Great Dental Marketing Tool

Credit Card Acceptance Can be a Great Dental Marketing ToolCredit card acceptance can be a great dental marketing tool, as well as the key to helping improve cash flow for today’s modern dental practice.

Dental patients are always concerned with how to pay for treatment. Since dental care costs money, lack of patient financing options can be a real problem in dental practice management.

With the website portals available from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA), dentists can choose whether or not they want to include information about dental financing and credit card payments on their dental marketing websites.

The sidebar navigation on an IDA dental practice web portal includes “Convenient Financial Terms” where dentists can easily change the text in the “Financial Terms” section of the practice location by editing the “Financial Arrangement Statement.”

By making strategic selections about the financial services offered on IDA Portals, dentists can educate prospective dental patients about the options they offer, and screen dental marketing leads in the process.

To watch a video and learn more about IDA’s customized website portals, visit the Dental Practice Location Financial Terms page at

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