Dentists Discuss Internet Dental Marketing Benefits

Dentists Discuss Internet Dental Marketing BenefitsThe Wealthy Dentists asked dentists if their Internet dental marketing is worth its expense.

44% of the dentists responded with, “Yes. Internet dental marketing generates new dental patients and a positive return on investment.”

The remaining 56% replied that they don’t believe that internet marketing has particularly helped find them new dental patients.

Just about every business requires a web presence and an Internet marketing plan. Now that everyone can carry the Internet in their pocket or purse and can be connected to the Internet from wherever they are, the public is using search engines in new ways to locate restaurants, dentists, bars, and where their friends are hanging out.

The Internet has quickly become a part of everyone’s daily lives. Just a few short years ago you had to be in a wifi spot to access the Internet away from home and now you can access it through a Smartphone for wherever you are.

One dentist responded that his Internet dental marketing brings in an educated, motivated dental patient. They usually have done their homework and are looking for a dental practice that is compatible with their personality.

Click on Play to see this short video and hear what other dentists have to say about Internet dental marketing —

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Do you have an Internet dental marketing plan? Has Internet marketing helped your dental practice?

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