Why Web Videos Are a Perfect Choice for Internet Dental Marketing

Why Web Videos Are a Perfect Choice for Internet Dental MarketingRecent reports have revealed that video appears in around 70% of the top Google search listings.

Online dental video marketing is an easy way to gain attention for your dental practice and beat your competition in search results.

When it comes to Internet dental marketing, there is no better investment than web videos.

For this reason, in our most recent The Wealthy Dentist survey, we asked dentists if they do any web video marketing.

Only 37% of the dentists answered yes, while 63% said no.

Internet Dental Marketing: Graph on dentists who use dental video marketing

Of the 37% of dentists who are actively using web video marketing, 71% use the videos on their dental websites, while 29% use video for blog content. 57% use web videos for social sharing, and 29% use video in all of these mediums.

Rural dentists were just as likely to use web video as urban and suburban dentists.

Here’s what dentists had to say about using web video marketing —

“I have done some video, but I am just not sure what to do with it.” (General dentist)

“What kind of video content should we be creating?” (California dentist)

“I think our office creates enjoyable videos, many of which fall into various treatment categories for our patients. They seem to like them.” (Minnesota dentist)

“I’m not sure I want to be on video…” (New York dentist)

What prevents you from using dental video marketing?

We’d like to hear your experiences and thoughts about this new marketing vector.

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