Dentists Enjoy Real Actors Read Yelp Videos

Dentists Enjoy Real Actors Read Yelp VideosThis week’s Friday random video serves as yet another reminder to dentists that online reviews can be humorous.

Every Friday, Joe Plummer of Gotta Kid To Feed Productions releases his latest installment of “Real Actors Read Yelp” on his YouTube Channel, “Gottakidtofeed.

The weekly YouTube series pairs odd Yelp reviews with actors and actresses who read them as if they are the reviewer. What ensues is a hilarious portrayal depicting how judgmental and ridiculous some of the general public can be, even when the business has provided them with great service. Sometimes the review really has nothing to do with the business at all.

The following video features professional actor, Danny Deferrari, who finds the heartbreak at the center of this truly remarkable review for a donut shop. The review became hugely popular online due to College Humor’s discovery of it. (Source: Gottafeedakid)

Enjoy your Friday random video —

And if you are curious about the original review on Yelp, it’s here:

Dentists, have you been watching the Real Actors Read Yelp videos and what do you think of them?

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