Get A Dental Website in Minutes With IDA’s Web Portal Design

Get A Dental Website in Minutes With IDA's Dental Web Portal Design

With online technology evolving all the time, it’s hard for dental practices to keep up with changing dental website trends.

For many dentists, the question of whether to have a dental website for each of their dental treatments, or keep just one traditional website, or maintain any of a number of geo-targeted websites is a common quandary.

IDA New Patient Marketing Design Portals are the perfect solution to this problem.  Each dental website design is specifically targeted at a particular dental market – family, cosmetic, implants, braces, etc. — making it easy for dentists to maintain several targeted websites at once.

Each of these portals has its own URL web address, search engine optimization, design, and over 100 pages of targeted and personalized content – everything you’d expect from an ultra-high-end dental website costing many thousands of dollars.

IDA Portals give dentists a variety of turnkey options they can use to customize their Portals to fit their practice, as well as attract new patient leads that maximize profits with just a few clicks of the mouse. For example, a dental practice can further customize their website design choice by changing virtually all the images to anything in the built-in image library or to their own images that they have uploaded to their image file locker.

To watch a video and learn more about IDA’s customized website portals, visit the Dental Web Portal Design page at

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