Need a Dental Website for Multiple Dentists?

Need a Dental Website for Multiple Dentists?Dentists know that large group dental practices can lead to financial success.

As the ADA points out, they thrive on efficiencies of scale and significant marketing.

These dental practices can negotiate volume discounts with suppliers and laboratories and possibly reimbursement rates with insurance companies.

Large group practices with multiple dentists at one location can maximize patient care hours at the facility.

Practices with multiple dentists will never run out of ways to list their dentists and their specialties with the New Patient Marketing Machine™ from Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA).

Dentists can easily manage adding more dentists and their specialties for all of their dental practice locations from a single easy-to-use online Control Panel.

All doctor profiles are stored in the “Doctors” section of the Control Panel. In the “Customize Portals” section, a dental practice can decide which of the doctors they want to display on a web portal associated with a specific dental practice location.

To watch a video and learn more about IDA’s customized website portals, visit the Selected Doctors for Dental Location page at

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