Dentists Work an Average of 35 Hours a Week

Dentists Work an Average of 35 Hours a WeekDentists spend their work time on two very different tasks: treating dental patients and attending to dental practice management.

How much time they spend on each of these tasks determines the number of hours dentists work each week.

The ADA reports that dentists work an average of 35 hours a week and another 3 hours managing their dental practice.

But for some dentists, the economic reality of the last four years has been a harsh wake-up call. “With the new economy, I needed to start opening on Fridays and take what I could get,” wrote one dentist in a The Wealthy Dentist survey.

Other dentists have been forced to reduce their hours as a result of the slow economy. “I’m working 3 days a week due to the recession,” sighed a Canadian dentist. “Hours are not as productive as before the financial crisis,” agreed an Oregon dentist. “Many who have lost their jobs and insurance want a ton of work done before the insurance goes away and want me to finance what the insurance doesn’t pay.”

To hear more of what dentists had to say about the hours they work, Click on Play to watch the following video —

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How many hours a week are you working at your dental practice? Has it changed over the last four years?

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