The Importance of Your Dental Website’s Homepage

The Importance of Your Dental Website's Homepage The home page to a dental website is like a storefront window that introduces your dental practice to anyone who happens to click by your site.

The importance of an well-designed homepage can’t be emphasized enough because it is typically the page that guides your visitors where they should go next, and keeps them from leaving before you’ve had a chance to show them what a great dentist you are.

If your dental practice homepage doesn’t communicate why dental patients should care about your dental practice, you might as well not have a dental website at all.

Home Page Features are one of the most powerful options on a Internet Dental Alliance web portal.

You have total control to manage the features that appear on an IDA designed home page and you can change and rearrange the features whenever you like.

Designing a great dental practice website is now as easy as a click of a button thanks to the IDA web portal.  Stop by today and check it out.

To watch a video and learn more about IDA’s customized website portals, visit the Dental Portal Home Page Features at

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